Happy clients

"Our needs and wishes"

“I definitely recommend Megapiksel Stuudio! They are sympathetic, open-minded and high-spirited people. The collaboration was enjoyable because they were able to adapt the scenario according to our needs and wishes, the decisions were made quickly and efficiently and the whole process flowed smoothly. I appreciated the thorough pre-production, attention to detail and mutual trust. Just like the first time, the results exceeded our expectations!”

Kristiina Kägu
Sales Development Manager


"The collaboration to make educational videos for EPALE project was very positive and gave marvellous results. Megapiksel’s team found novel solutions for all our needs and considered all our wishes. The filming was organised brilliantly, the crew was extremely professional and we were very satisfied with how it turned out. We also received positive feedback from our partners on the content and quality. We’re definitely interested in working together again in the future.”

Georgi Skorobogatov
Manager of International Projects


“Megapiksel’s team is practical, fun, creative and reliable. The work is done fast and properly and one can see that the team is ready to put in extra effort for the client. They come up with great ideas to improve the quality of the outcome. Their project management met our expectations and their teamwork is always top-notch so I definitely recommend them as your next video production partner.”

Retail Banking Assistant


“The collaboration with Megapiksel went smoothly and we were satisfied with the outcome. The days on set were fast-paced, fun and very productive. Megapiksel’s team was enthusiastic and actively participated in the creative process so working with them was pure pleasure.”

Elis Rebane
International Marketing Specialist | Tartu Ülikool

"Suitable and enjoyable"

“The keywords of our collaboration were proper pre-production and setting all the details which guaranteed a great result. I remember when we launched the first video of our 15-part series of our international project, our other video production partners were baffled and said that they didn’t have anything to show that would compete with this quality. The bar had been set high. As regards to the collaboration itself, Megapiksel’s team was youthful and friendly, with a good humour which was simply suitable and enjoyable.”

Haridusteaduste instituudi noorsootöö korralduse lektor ja magistriõppekava kuraator | Tallinna Ülikool


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